Creating Your Own Football Boots

Friday October 23, 2009

We all like to make a statement in our own way. There are plenty of different ways we can do this but if you are into football one of the best ways is with your football boots.

There used to be a time when customised football boots were only available to the rich and famous – those who had enough money to commission a well known football boot maker to create them on their behalf.

To create your own personalised Football boots visit The Nike Store website

But thanks to modern technology and the internet, that possibility is now much more widely available. In fact, you only have to visit the Adidas website to grab a chance to design a football boot you’d love to wear with pride. They sell other types of sports shoes as well, but you will find their football boot in among the collection.

You will see a ‘create your own’ button to click on that will get you started. Along with the blank shoe to start from, you will also see some inspired designs from Adidas that should help to get your creative juices flowing! And according to the website, the wait to actually get hold of the boots you have designed is only around three to four weeks. That isn’t bad considering you will be the only person to be wearing that particular design.

Once you have clicked on the link underneath the blank shoe, you will see that you can actually choose your shoe size according to the requirements of your separate feet. Nobody has two feet that are exactly the same size, so this gives you the chance to pick just the right pair for you.

When your sizes have been selected you can start playing around with the various colours. You will see that each individual component of the shoe can be selected from a number of colours. You are restricted to the colours they supply you with, but in most cases they do go into double figures.

If you want to you can make everything the same colour, or you could pick the colours that clash the most with each other! That is the beauty of designing your own football boots – you can decide whether or not you want something more understated, or something as loud as you like.

Obviously the prices for these football boots will be more costly than regular off the shelf ones, but if you want something that is unique to you then it is a price worth paying. Just imagine being able to wear something that says something about you and your character. Do you like muted tones? Fair enough – you can pick those and have an understated design to wear. If you love to be loud then those contrasting colours will certainly show up nicely too!

There are plenty of advantages to buying a pair of football boots that you have designed yourself. But perhaps the best is knowing that you have had some input into them – and that is something to be proud of.