Mizuno football boots are environmentally friendly

Today’s football boots are inventive, technologically advanced designer-wear that is a fundamental part of every footballer’s kit. One of the most noteworthy manufacturers in the last century is Mizuno.

The Mizuno Corporation, a Japanese sportswear company began life back in 1906. Today they are a global corporation and amongst many other goods in the health, environment and competitive fields, they manufacture Mizuno football boots.

Mizuno is proud to be environmentally friendly and in 2002 all factories in Japan making Mizuno football boots received ISO certification and the Yoro factory met its environmental objective of zero emissions. Mizuno now have several factories throughout Asia and Oceania and numerous distributor outlets worldwide.

A Selection of the Best Selling Mizuno Football Boots

Why do I want to buy a pair of Mizuno football boots?

Top Japanese footballers such as Atsushi Yanagisawa and South American super star Rivaldo have long valued the performance and protection offered by Mizuno football boots. The company is quickly gaining international recognition as a manufacturer of quality football related merchandise and football boots. However the price tag varies greatly so you really need to consider the reason why you want to buy a pair of football boots before you go to the store.

This short guide will brief you on some of the technology incorporated into Mizuno football boots and help you give more thought to the reason behind your purchase. In this way you will be more informed and be able to choose the perfect pair for your needs and pocket.

If you are a team member, whether amateur or professional, you are likely to want the best pair of Mizuno football boots that you can afford. You will want a pair that are lightweight and have as many innovative features as possible to help your game. If you only have a friendly kick around on the local recreation ground or the beach every so often, you are not likely to be so fussy. Regardless of your level of interest you will need good fitting boots with the correct soles for the type of surface.

Mizuno football boots are for protecting your feet

Mizuno have spent a great deal of time and research into making footballers a boot that is comfortable, protective and will up their game. At the lower end of the market you can expect to find a full synthetic boot with a polyurethane sole to give you excellent traction on firm ground.

Spend a little more and you can expect features such as extremely lightweight quilted K leather uppers with varying lace widths to ensure instant comfort and a customised fit, as well as a padded tongue and heel collar. The studs will be strategically placed to reduce stud pressure when playing on soft ground.

Mizuno Wave technology is available over a wide price range and features a bio panel consisting of independently shaped pads offering greater speed, control and ball traction. Other features to look out for in Mizuno football boots include removable sock liners and flip over tongues to cover laces and removable outsoles.

What makes Mizuno football boots the best?

Mizuno football boots offer serious performance regardless of the price tag. The company have excelled with new technology in a wide range of sports goods and are making their mark with football boots worldwide. Their mission is to develop products that are uniquely their own and inspire footballers worldwide, whilst being environmentally friendly. As they grow from strength to strength with zero emissions, their mission is becoming a reality.

Mizuno’s products are repeatedly developing to stay ahead of the footballer’s needs and the brand is highly esteemed by professional footballers. These are people who insist on comfort, protection speed and quality from their boots – don’t you?


Mizuno have an excellent range of football boots made from the latest technologies. The price range is as great as the unique variations that they have on offer and you are bound to find something that suits your fashion taste, pocket and the type of ground you will be playing on.

When you go to the store it is helpful to know the type of ground, your boot size and how much you have to spend. You can then give consideration to your colour choice. Remember that a quality pair of Mizuno football boots will give service for many seasons to come, so buy the best that you can possibly afford.

All that remains is for you to go to the store and check out what’s available. Whatever size your wallet is, you won’t be disappointed with Mizuno football boots!